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Pellioditis Dougherty, 1953

153397  (

Subgenus Pellioditis (Rhabditis)
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) bengalensis Timm, 1956 accepted as Rhabditis (Pellioditis) bengalensis Timm, 1956
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) buetschlii de Sachs, 1950 accepted as Rhabditis (Pellioditis) buetschlii de Sachs, 1950
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) carpathica Soos, 1941 accepted as Rhabditis carpathica Soos, 1941 represented as Rhabditis (Pellioditis) carpathica Soos, 1941
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) dolichura (Schneider, 1866) Bütschli, 1873 accepted as Rhabditis (Pellioditis) dolichura (Schneider, 1866) Bütschli, 1873
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) friderici Hirschmann, 1952 accepted as Rhabditis (Pellioditis) friderici Hirschmann, 1952
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) fruticicolae Shinohara, 1960 accepted as Rhabditis (Caenorhabditis) fruticicolae Shinohara, 1960
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) hermaphrodita Sudhaus, 1976 accepted as Rhabditis (Pellioditis) hermaphrodita Sudhaus, 1976
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) littorea Sudhaus & Nimrich, 1989 accepted as Rhabditis (Pellioditis) littorea Sudhaus & Nimrich, 1989
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) mairei Maupas, 1919 accepted as Rhabditis (Choriorhabditis) mairei Maupas, 1919
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) marina (Bastian, 1865) accepted as Litoditis marina (Bastian, 1865) Sudhaus, 2011
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) neopapillosa Mengert in Osche, 1954 accepted as Rhabditis (Pellioditis) neopapillosa Mengert in Osche, 1954
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) papillosa (Schneider, 1866) accepted as Rhabditis (Pellioditis) papillosa (Schneider, 1866)
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) pellio (Schneider, 1866) Butschli, 1873 accepted as Rhabditis (Pellioditis) pellio (Schneider, 1866) Butschli, 1873
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) pellioides (Butschli, 1873) accepted as Pellioditis pellioides (Butschli, 1873)
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) pseudodolichura Korner in Osche, 1952 accepted as Rhabditis (Oscheius) pseudodolichura Korner in Osche, 1952
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) rara Körner, 1954 accepted as Rhabditis rara Körner, 1954
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) sechellensis Potts, 1910 accepted as Rhabditis (Oscheius) sechellensis Potts, 1910
  » Species Pellioditis (Rhabditis) typica (Stefanski, 1922) Andrassy, 1983 accepted as Rhabditis (Pellioditis) typica (Stefanski, 1922) Andrassy, 1983
Species Pellioditis ehrenbaumi (Bresslan & Stekhoven, 1935)
Species Pellioditis friderici (Osche, 1952)
Species Pellioditis obesa Gagarin, 2001
Species Pellioditis pellioides (Butschli, 1873)

Species Pellioditis marina (Bastian, 1865) accepted as Rhabditis (Pellioditis) marina (Bastian, 1865) Andrassy, 1984 accepted as Litoditis marina (Bastian, 1865) Sudhaus, 2011
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
Bezerra, T.N.; Decraemer, W.; Eisendle-Flöckner, U.; Hodda, M.; Holovachov, O.; Leduc, D.; Miljutin, D.; Mokievsky, V.; Peña Santiago, R.; Sharma, J.; Smol, N.; Tchesunov, A.; Venekey, V.; Zhao, Z.; Vanreusel, A. (2021). Nemys: World Database of Nematodes. Pellioditis Dougherty, 1953. Accessed at: on 2021-03-02
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