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Vanreusel, A. (1990). Ecology of the free-living marine nematodes from the Voordelta (Southern Bight of the North Sea). I. Species composition and structure of the nematode communities. Cah. Biol. mar. 31: 439-462.
Vanreusel, A.
Ecology of the free-living marine nematodes from the Voordelta (Southern Bight of the North Sea). I. Species composition and structure of the nematode communities
Cah. Biol. mar.
31: 439-462
NeMys doc_id: 6475
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The structure of nematode communities (species composition and abundance) of twenty stations in the Voordelta (Southem Bight of the North Sea) was investigated in relation to the sediment composition, the bottom morphology, the hydrodynamical forces, the salinity and the chlorophyll-a content Similarities between stations were determined using classification (TWINSPAN) and ordination (DCA) techniques. Changes in the structure and the composition of the nematode communities are mainly conelated to the sedimentological gradient. Apart from the sediment composition, the salinity also determines the species composition of these communities.Finally, a correlation between the ecophysiological characteristics of the species present, the environmental stability and the food supply is hypothesized. However, further investigations are required to support these results.
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Xyala striata Cobb, 1920 (additional source)

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