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Nemys taxon details

Ascaridoidea Baird, 1853

22816  (

Family Acanthocheilidae Wülker, 1929
Family Anisakidae Railliet & Henry, 1912
Family Ascarididae Baird, 1853
Family Heterocheilidae Railliet & Henry, 1915
Family Raphidascarididae Hartwich, 1954

Genus Agamonema Diesing, 1851 (taxon inquirendum, Not a true genus)
Genus Agamonematodum (taxon inquirendum)
Genus Amphicaecum Walton, 1927 (taxon inquirendum)
Genus Paracanthocheilus Kreis, 1952 (taxon inquirendum)

Genus Agamascaris Steiner, 1924 (nomen dubium)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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basis of record Anderson, R. C.; Chabaud, A. G.; Willmott, S. (1974). CIH Keys to the nematode parasites of vertebrates. i-x. [details]   

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