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Cobb, N. A. (1893). Nematodes, mostly Australian and Fijian. Macleay Memorial Volume, Linn. Soc. N. S. W. (Sydney). 252-308.
Cobb, N. A.
Nematodes, mostly Australian and Fijian
Macleay Memorial Volume, Linn. Soc. N. S. W. (Sydney)
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Aulolaimus exilis Cobb, 1893 accepted as Cryptonchus exilis (Cobb, 1893) Cobb, 1913 (original description)
Aulolaimus exillis Cobb, 1893 accepted as Cryptonchus exillis (Cobb, 1893) (original description)
Bastiania australis Cobb, 1893 (original description)
Cephalobus multicinctus Cobb, 1893 (original description)
Cephalobus similis Cobb, 1893 accepted as Eucephalobus oxyuroides (de Man, 1876) Steiner, 1936 (original description)
Chromadora minima Cobb, 1893 accepted as Achromadora ruricola (De Man, 1880) Micoletzky, 1924 (original description)
Diplogaster parvus Cobb, 1893 (original description)
Dorylaimus granuliferus Cobb, 1893 accepted as Aporcelinus granuliferus (Cobb, 1893) Andrássy, 2009 (original description)
Dorylaimus perfectus Cobb, 1893 accepted as Aporcelaimellus obtusicaudatus (Bastian, 1865) Altherr, 1968 (original description)
Mononchus (Iotonchus) gymnolaimus (Cobb, 1893) Cobb, 1916 accepted as Iotonchus gymnolaimus (Cobb, 1893) Cobb, 1916 (original description)
Mononchus gymnolaimus Cobb, 1893 accepted as Iotonchus gymnolaimus (Cobb, 1893) Cobb, 1916 (original description)
Mononchus minor Cobb, 1893 accepted as Mylonchulus minor (Cobb, 1893) Cobb, 1916 (original description)
Plectus cephalatus Cobb, 1893 accepted as Tylocephalus cephalatus (Cobb, 1893) Anderson, 1966 (original description)
Prismatolaimus australis Cobb, 1893 (original description)
Rhabditis coronata Cobb, 1893 accepted as Diploscapter coronatus (Cobb, 1893) Cobb, 1913 (original description)
Tripyla tenuicauda Cobb, 1893 (original description)

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