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Cystidicolidae Skrjabin, 1946

22836  (

Genus Ascarophis van Beneden, 1871
Genus Ascarophisnema Moravec & Justine, 2010
Genus Caballeronema Margolis, 1977
Genus Capillospirura Skrjabin, 1924
Genus Collarinema Sey, 1970
Genus Comephoronema Layman, 1933
Genus Crenatobronema Solovjeva, 1987
Genus Cristitectus Petter, 1970
Genus Ctenascarophis Mamaev, 1968
Genus Cyclozone Dogiel, 1932
Genus Cystidicola Fisher, 1798
Genus Cystidicoloides Skinker, 1931
Genus Dogielophis Doweld, 2016
Genus Mastigospirura Machida & Syahailatua, 1994
Genus Metabronema Yorke & Maplestone, 1926
Genus Metabronemoides Moravec & Justine, 2010
Genus Moravecnema Justine, Cassone & Petter, 2002
Genus Neoascarophis Machida, 1976
Genus Neospinitectus Kalyankar, 1971
Genus Parascarophis Campana-Rouget, 1955
Genus Prospinitectus Petter, 1979
Genus Pseudascarophis Ko, Margolis & Machida, 1985
Genus Pseudoproleptus Khera, 1953
Genus Salmonema Moravec, Santos & Brasil-Sato, 2008
Genus Salvelinema Trofimenko, 1962
Genus Spinitectoides Petter, 1969
Genus Spinitectus Fourment, 1883

Genus Ancyracanthus Schneider, 1866 nec Diesing, 1838 accepted as Cystidicola Fisher, 1798 (unaccepted > junior subjective synonym)
Genus Fissula Lamarck, 1801 accepted as Cystidicola Fisher, 1798 (unaccepted > junior subjective synonym)
Genus Notopteroides Chakravarty & Majumdar, 1962 accepted as Pseudoproleptus Khera, 1953
Genus Ophiostoma Rudolphi, 1801 accepted as Cystidicola Fisher, 1798 (unaccepted > junior objective synonym)
Genus Pseudancyracanthus Skjabin, 1923 accepted as Cystidicola Fisher, 1798 (Synonym)
Genus Pseudocystidicola Layman, 1933 accepted as Ascarophis van Beneden, 1871 (Synonym)
Genus Pseudometabronema Bogdanova, 1963 accepted as Salvelinema Trofimenko, 1962 (Synonym)
Genus Similascarophis Muñoz, González & George-Nascimento, 2004 accepted as Ascarophis (Similascarophis) Muñoz, González & George-Nascimento, 2004 (Reduced to subgenus)
marine, brackish, fresh
Not documented
Nemys eds. (2023). Nemys: World Database of Nematodes. Cystidicolidae Skrjabin, 1946. Accessed at: on 2023-05-30
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taxonomy source De Ley, P.; Blaxter, M. L. (2004). A new system for Nematoda: combining morphological characters with molecular trees, and translating clades into ranks and taxa. <em>Nematology Monographs & Perspectives - Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress of Nematology 8 - 13 June 2002, Tenerife, Spain.</em> 2: 633-653. [details]  Available for editors  PDF available [request] 

basis of record Anderson, R. C.; Chabaud, A. G.; Willmott, S. (1974). CIH Keys to the nematode parasites of vertebrates. i-x. [details]   

redescription Moravec, F. (2013). Parasitic nematodes of freshwater fishes of Europe. <em>Academia, Prague.</em> 601 pp. [details]   
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