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Key to the genera of the family Desmodoridae

This key was originally created by Maarten Raes. The fine-tuning was done by the current key responsable Dominick Verschelde.
Key created by Maaike Steyaert

Please refer to this identification key as Steyaert, M.; Deprez, T.; Raes, M.; Bezerra, T.; Demesel, I.; Derycke, S.; Desmet, G.; Fonceca, G.; de Assunção Franco, M.; Gheskiere, T.; Hoste, E.; Ingels, J.; Moens, T.; Vanaverbeke, J.; Van Gaever, S.; Vanhove, S.; Vanreusel, A.; Verschelde, D.; Vincx M. 2005. Electronic Key to the free-living marine Nematodes. World Wide Web electronic publication. 09/2005

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click to expand labial region clearly separated from cephalic region s.s. by sutura Pictorial key
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Remaining taxa:
Acanthopharyngoides Chitwood, 1936

Acanthopharynx Marion, 1870

Alaimonema Cobb, 1920

Amphispira Cobb, 1920

Existing key available Aponema Jensen, 1978

Bolbonema Cobb, 1920

Chromaspirina Filipjev, 1918

Croconema Cobb, 1920

Desmodora de Man, 1889

Desmodorella Cobb, 1933

Echinodesmodora Blome, 1982

Eubostrichus Certes, 1899

Laxonema Cobb, 1920

Laxus Cobb, 1894

Leptonemella Cobb, 1920

Metachromadora Filipjev, 1918

Metadesmodora Schuurmans Stekhoven, 1942

Existing key available Molgolaimus Ditlevsen, 1921

Onyx Cobb, 1891

Papillonema Verschelde, Muthumbi & Vincx, 1995

Paradesmodora Schuurmans Stekhoven, 1950

Parallelocoilas Boucher, 1975

Parathalassoalaimus Allgén, 1929

Polysigma Cobb, 1920

Prodesmodora Micoletzky, 1923

Psammonema Verschelde & Vincx, 1995

Existing key available Pseudochromadora Daday, 1899

Pseudodesmodora Boucher, 1975

Pseudometachromadora Timm, 1954

Pseudonchus Cobb, 1920

Robbea Gerlach, 1956

Sigmophoranema Hope & Murphy, 1972

Spirinia Gerlach, 1963

Squanema Gerlach, 1963

Stilbonema Cobb, 1920

Stygodesmodora Blome, 1982

Xenodesmodora Wieser, 1951

Xenonema Cobb, 1920

Zalonema Cobb, 1920


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