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Biarmifer nesiotes
Biarmifer nesiotes
Description Biarmifer nesiotes sp. nov, lightning micrographs, female. (A) Anterior body region. (B) Cuticle from the middle body region. (C) Detail of the vulva and vagina. Scale bars: A -D = 20 µm; B?C D 10 µm. Author Bezerra, Tania Nara JPG file - 1.28 MB - 1 502 x 499 pixelsmore
Extra information
FileName: 156507.jpg
FileDateTime: 1677147663
FileSize: 1283654
FileType: 2
MimeType: image/jpeg
COMPUTED.html: width="1502" height="499"
COMPUTED.Height: 499
COMPUTED.Width: 1502
COMPUTED.ByteOrderMotorola: 1
COMPUTED.Thumbnail.FileType: 2
COMPUTED.Thumbnail.MimeType: image/jpeg
ImageDescription: Biodiversity, Marine Biology, Taxonomy, Zoology
Orientation: 1
XResolution: 3000000/10000
YResolution: 3000000/10000
ResolutionUnit: 2
Software: Adobe Photoshop 23.1 (Windows)
DateTime: 2023:02:23 10:44:59
Exif_IFD_Pointer: 228
ColorSpace: 65535
ExifImageWidth: 1502
ExifImageLength: 499
added on 2023-02-23599 viewsNemys taxaScan of photo Biarmifer nesiotes Cunha, Fonseca & Amaral, 2023checked Bezerra, Tânia Nara 2023-02-23 Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 License
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