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Permanent position for nematologist with PhD level

Added on 2023-03-07 13:43:23 by Bezerra, Tânia Nara
Permanent position for nematologist with PhD level at CIRAD to be based in Cambodia
"In Cambodia, the activities will be developed in different stages and at several scales:
i) Knowledge of pathosystems and diagnosis: Description of parasites in the rice sector in Cambodia. The objective will be to identify practices that reduce parasite pressure and promote good plant health, via studies of phytophagous nematode communities in the rice rhizosphere. The researcher will combine methods based on morphometry and analysis methods based on high-throughput sequencing developed by the researchers of the BRIO team.
ii) Identification and implementation of suppressive conditions to control pests: Study of virtuous agroecological practices that reduce pest pressure and increase yields: service plants, use and conservation of indigenous natural enemies (biological control), multiple nematode - phytobiome interactions. This work will be complementary to that carried out by L. Moulin and S. Bellafiore (selection of bacteria for biocontrol approaches).
iii) Demonstration of suppressive effects and communication of the beneficial effects observed in agricultural networks. Evaluate the impact of cultural practices on pests at different sites. The person recruited will first mobilise farmers and the Cambodian rice industry to test the agricultural practices identified in point 2 in contrasting systems (soil and climate conditions, levels of agricultural intensification).
iv) To deploy these systems on a larger scale in order to meet the objectives of sustainable development."
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