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Huang, Y.; Xu, K. (2013). Two new species of the genus Paracyatholaimus Micoletzky (Nematoda: Cyatholaimidae) from the Yellow Sea. Journal of Natural History. 47(21-22): 1381-1392.
10.1080/00222933.2012.752544 [view]
Huang, Y.; Xu, K.
Two new species of the genus Paracyatholaimus Micoletzky (Nematoda: Cyatholaimidae) from the Yellow Sea
Journal of Natural History
47(21-22): 1381-1392
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Two new free-living marine nematode species of Paracyatholaimus Micoletzky, 1923 Paracyatholaimus qingdaoensis sp. nov. and Paracyatholaimus huanghaiensis sp. nov. from the Yellow Sea, China are described. Paracyatholaimus qingdaoensis sp. nov. is characterized by cylindrical body with conical tail; spicules reverse S-shaped, distally pointed; gubernaculum plate, with two cusps at distal end, parallel to the spicules; 10 thick setose precloacal supplements in a 5 + 5 arrangement, anterior group of five supplements located at a protuberance. Paracyatholaimus huanghaiensis sp. nov. is characterized by a cylindrical body with conic-cylindrical tail; slender spicules curved, distally pointed; gubernaculum handle-shaped, expanding distally to a plate, with some sawteeth at distal end; three papillose precloacal supplements, each papilla protruding conically with cuticularized narrow ducts. A key for identification of species of Paracyatholaimus is proposed.
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