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Coomans, A. V.; Raski, D. J. (1991). Aphanonchus Intermedius N. G., N. Sp. (Nemata: Araeolaimida). Nematologica. 37(1): 8-19.
10.1163/187529291x00024 [view]
Coomans, A. V.; Raski, D. J.
Aphanonchus Intermedius N. G., N. Sp. (Nemata: Araeolaimida)
37(1): 8-19
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A new genus and species, Aphanonchus inlermedius, is described from Lake Tahoe, California. It is characterized by a finely annulated cuticle with narrow lateral field, soft cephalic setae, unispiral to irregularly circular amphids which occupy about 1/2 of the corresponding head width, stoma consisting of a narrow anterior and a wide, sclerotized posterior part. Lateral epidermal glands and pores prominent. Ventral gland lobed and associated with coelomocytes, excretory duct cuticularized opening anterior to mouth opening. Female reproductive system amphidelph, vagina with prominent sclerotization. Male with a series of tuboid supplements and a medioventral row of numerous alveoli extending to the anterior end. The new genus is intermediate between Paraphanolaimus and Anonchus. Paraphanolaimus mullipapillatus (Daday, 1905) is transferred to the new genus. The morphology of the head end and of the vaginal musculature is described in detail.
America, North
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