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Platonova, T. A. (1971). Exploration of the fauna of the seas VIII (XVI). Fauna and flora of the Possjet Bay of the Sea of Japan. Zool. Inst. Acad. Of sci. Of the USSR. 8(41): 72-108.
Platonova, T. A.
Exploration of the fauna of the seas VIII (XVI). Fauna and flora of the Possjet Bay of the Sea of Japan
Zool. Inst. Acad. Of sci. Of the USSR
8(41): 72-108
NeMys doc_id: 5261
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In the Bay of Pos'et, Sea of Japan, 171 species of marine nematodes were collected, 24 of which are illustrated and described as new in this paper. They are: Oxystomina elegans n.sp., 0. orientalis n.sp., Halalaimus leptoderma n.sp.,Tycnodora rectispiculata n.sp., Viscosia epapillosa n.sp., V. stenostoma n.sp.,Lauratonema minuta n.sp., Sabatieria possjetica n.sp., Dorylaimopsis peculiaris n.sp., Gramophonema achaeta n.sp., Spilophorella bidentata n.sp., S. unidentata n.sp., Hypodontolaimus golikovi n.sp., Chromadora tridenticulata n.sp.,Monoposthia latiannulata n.sp., Axonolaimus seticaudatus n.sp., Parodontophora marisjaponici n.sp., Araeolaimus parvibulbosus n.sp., Metalaimus pumilus n.sp.,Terschellingia glabricutis n.sp., T. minima n.sp., Penzancia longispicula n.sp.,Paramonhystera tschislenkoi n.sp., and Theristus inaequispiculatus n.sp. These species, all common and numerous (up to 219,000 specimens of one species in a m2 were collected in different months in 4 zones differing by their hydrological regime and subdivided into 10 biocoenoses determined by the' prevalent macrobenthos. An ecological analysis based mainly on the numbers of species and individuals, sea-bed type, temperature, season, associated vegetation and on the system, proposed by Wieser, 1953 [see H/A 22, 80a] failed to produce a clear-cut pattern of the ecological distribution of the nematode fauna.
Sea of Japan
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Araeolaimus parvibulbosus Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Axonolaimus seticaudatus Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Chromadora tridenticulata Platonova, 1971 accepted as Chromadora trilineata (original description)
Dorylaimopsis peculiaris Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Graphonema achaeta Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Halalaimus leptoderma Platonova, 1971 (additional source)
Halalaimus leptoderma Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Hypodontolaimus golikovi Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Lauratonema minutum Platonova, 1971 accepted as Lauratonemoides minutus (Platonova, 1971) Tchesunov, 1984 (original description)
Metalaimus pumilus Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Monoposthia latiannulata Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Oxystomina elegans Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Oxystomina orientalis Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Paramonhystera tschislenkoi Platonova, 1971 accepted as Paramonohystera tschislenkoi Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Paramonohystera tschislenkoi Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Parodontophora marisjaponici Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Sabatieria possjetica Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Spilophorella bidentata Platonova, 1971 accepted as Panduripharynx bidentatus (Platonova, 1971) Dashchenko, 1989 (original description)
Spilophorella unidentata Platonova, 1971 accepted as Panduripharynx unidentatus (Platonova, 1971) Dashchenko, 1989 (original description)
Terschellingia glabricutis Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Terschellingia minima Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Theristus inaequispiculata Platonova, 1971 accepted as Pseudosteineria inaequispiculata (Platonova, 1971) Gerlach & Riemann, 1973 (original description)
Theristus longispicula Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Tycnodora rectispiculata Platonova, 1971 accepted as Halalaimus rectispiculatus (Platonova, 1971) Gerlach & Riemann, 1974 (original description)
Viscosia epapillosa Platonova, 1971 (original description)
Viscosia stenostoma Platonova, 1971 (original description)
 Original description

Original description in: Platonova T.A. (1971). Free-living marine nematodes from the Possjet bay of the Sea of ... [details]

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