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Mylonchulus Cobb, 1916

582976  (

Species Mylonchulus agriculturae Coetzee, 1966
Species Mylonchulus andrassyi Loof, 1993
Species Mylonchulus brachyuris (Bütschli, 1873) Cobb, 1917
Species Mylonchulus brevicaudatus (Cobb, 1917) Alther, 1954
Species Mylonchulus cavensis (W. Schneider, 1940) Andràssy, 1959
Species Mylonchulus cereris Coetzee, 1966
Species Mylonchulus contractus Jairajpuri, 1970
Species Mylonchulus gigas Gagarin, 1993
Species Mylonchulus hawaiiensis (Cassidy, 1931) Goodey, 1951
Species Mylonchulus incurvus (Cobb, 1917) Andrássy, 1958
Species Mylonchulus inflatus Loof, 1993
Species Mylonchulus insolitus Andrássy, 1968
Species Mylonchulus kermaniensis Shokoohi, Mehrabi-Nasab, Mirzaei & Peneva, 2013
Species Mylonchulus lacustris (Cobb N.A in Cobb M.V., 1915) Andrássy, 1958
Species Mylonchulus longus Altherr, 1972
Species Mylonchulus macrosoma Altherr, 1976
Species Mylonchulus minor (Cobb, 1893) Andrássy, 1958
Species Mylonchulus obtusicaudatus (Daday, 1899) Cobb, 1916
Species Mylonchulus orbitus Jensen & Mulvey, 1968
Species Mylonchulus parabrachyuris (Thorne, 1924) Scheider, 1939
Species Mylonchulus polonicus (Stefanski, 1915) Andrássy, 1958
Species Mylonchulus rotundicaudatus (Skwarra, 1921) Schneider, 1939
Species Mylonchulus sigmaturellus Mulvey, 1961
Species Mylonchulus sigmaturus (Cobb, 1917) Alther, 1953
Species Mylonchulus striatus (Thorne, 1924) Andrássy, 1958
Species Mylonchulus vulvalatus Ahmad, 2000
Species Mylonchulus vulvapapillatus Altherr in Altherr & Delamare Deboutteville, 1972

Species Mylonchulus montanus (Thorne, 1924) Andrássy, 1958 accepted as Montonchus montanus (Thorne, 1924) Siddiqi et al. 2015
fresh, terrestrial
recent only
Not documented
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