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Ahmad, W.; Khan, T. H. (1994). Two new species of Tylenchoidea (Nematoda: Tylenchida) from India. Indian Journal of Nematology. 24(2), 200-205.
Ahmad, W.; Khan, T. H.
Two new species of Tylenchoidea (Nematoda: Tylenchida) from India
Indian Journal of Nematology
24(2), 200-205
Two new species of Tylenchoidea, one each belonging to the genus Neopsilenchus Thome & Malek, 1968 and Trichotylenchus Whitehead, 1960 are described and illustrated. Neopsilenchus microdens nsp. has 0.73–0.74 mm long body, a-40-41, b=6.8–7.4, c=6.6–8.9, V=71–72, stylet 7–9 μm and is closely related to N. similis Khan & Khan, 1976; N. affinis Khan & Khan, 1976 and N. longicaudatus Sultan et al., 1988. Trichotylenchus areolatus n.sp. has 0.70–0.89 mm long body, a=40–47, b=6.4–6.8, c=11–13, V=52–62, stylet 18–21 μm, lateral fields completely areolated, oesophageal glands overlapping intestine and is related to T. falciformis Whitehead, 1960; T. rhopalocercus (Seinhorst, 1963) Seinhorst, 1968; T. rectangularis Netscher & Germani, 1969; T. astriatus Khan & Nanjappa, 1971 and T. astriatoides Rahman et al., 1992.
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