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Olsen, L. S. (1952). Some nematodes parasitic in marine fishes. Publications of the Institute of Marine Science, University of Texas. 11(2), 173-215.
Olsen, L. S.
Some nematodes parasitic in marine fishes
Publications of the Institute of Marine Science, University of Texas
11(2), 173-215
Of the 15 nematode species collected from marine fishes from the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, ten are new, viz., Contracaecum melichthysi n.sp. from Melichthys buniva, C. ogcocephali n.sp. from Ogcocephalus radiatus, C. chaunaxi n.sp. from Chaunax sp., Heterotyphlum eurycheilum n.sp. from Promicrops itaiara, Raphidascaris lutiani n.sp. from Lutianus anolis, Terranova ginglymostomae n.sp. from Ginglymostoma cirratum, Ascarophis sebastodis n.sp. from Sebastodes caurinus, Cucullanus hansoni n.sp. from Balistes capistratus, C. longipapillaius n.sp. from Melichthys buniva. Spirocamallanus is a new genus for the 16 species of Procamallanus in which the buccal capsule lining has spiral thickenings, with Spirocamallanus spiralis (Baylis, 1923) n.comb. as type. S. monotaxis n.sp. is described from Monotaxis grandoculis. Raphidascaris diodonis is transferred to Raphidascaroides. Porrocaecum trichiuri and P. secundum are transferred to Terranova. The mature male of Contracaecum histiophori is now described. New hosts are recorded for C. histiophori, C. aduncum, Raphidascaroides nipponensis and Cucullanus robustus.
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