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Loof, P. A. A. (1963). A new species of Telotylenchus (Nematoda: Tylenchida). Nematologica. 9(1): 76-80.
Loof, P. A. A.
A new species of Telotylenchus (Nematoda: Tylenchida)
9(1): 76-80
Telotylenchus ventralis n.sp. is described and figured (numerous females and males) from around the roots of rye (type host), oats and rye-grass collected at Helden, Limburg, Netherlands, and also from soil near the roots of Alnus, Boxtel, Netherlands. It has a peculiar ventral thickening of the cuticle just anterior to and an indentation posterior to the vulva and is distinguished from T. indiens mainly by this feature; it also appears somewhat larger and possesses a slightly longer spicule and gubernaculum. Telotylenchus is regarded as most closely related to Tylenchorhynchus and the author opposes the inclusion of Telotylenchus with Pseudhalenchus in a separate subfamily, preferring Thome's (1949) system of placing these 2 genera provisionally in Tylenchinae. He also considers that Pratylenchoides, Radopholus, Pratylenchus and Nacobbus form one group, Ditylenchus, Neoditylenchus, Pseudhalenchus and Anguina might form a second, and Telotylenchus and Tylenchorhynchus a third group.
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Telotylenchus Siddiqi, 1960 (additional source)

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