World list of free-living marine Nematodes

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NeMys is a generic online species information system. It wants to act as a digital platform, storing all kinds of information for biological taxa. Storing data on morphology, biogeography, taxonomy, literature, pictures, collections and molecular aspects in one single dataset creates a large group of possible end users and allows data analysis and comparison for a specific taxonomic group from a variety of approaches. The generic architecture is reflected by the variety of databases available through this system: plants, animals (vertebrates and invertebrates).

The entire system was developed at the Marine Biology Section (Ghent University) by Dr. Tim Deprez, primarily focusing on marine Nematoda and Mysida. However, during the last few years other taxonomic groups were added. For Mysida, marine Nematoda and Peperomia, global species lists are available.

NeMys data is shared with a number of global and regional biodiversity information portals, for example: the World Register of Marine Species, OBIS, GBIF.

If you are interested in starting your own dataset within NeMys or Aphia and using it for your own research, please contact us.

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To give due credit to the original authors, please cite data taken from NeMys by the datasource reference of each respective record.
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