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Quadricoma Filipjev, 1922

2378  (

Species Quadricoma cobbi (Steiner, 1916)
Species Quadricoma crassicauda Timm, 1970
Species Quadricoma crassicoma (Steiner, 1916)
Species Quadricoma crassicomoides Timm, 1970
Species Quadricoma curvicauda Timm, 1978
Species Quadricoma eurycricus (Filipjev, 1922)
Species Quadricoma falklandiae (Allgén, 1952) Timm, 1970
Species Quadricoma freudenhammeri Decraemer, 1977
Species Quadricoma gascognensis Decraemer, 1984
Species Quadricoma greffii (Reinhard, 1881)
Species Quadricoma intermedia (Steiner, 1916) Filipjev, 1922
Species Quadricoma lizardiensis Decraemer, 1977
Species Quadricoma loricata Filipjev, 1922
Species Quadricoma magnafenestra Decraemer, 1998
Species Quadricoma media (Reinhard, 1881)
Species Quadricoma noffsingerae Decraemer, 1977
Species Quadricoma papillata Decraemer, 1977
Species Quadricoma pontica Filipjev, 1922
Species Quadricoma scanica (Allgén, 1935)
Species Quadricoma steineri Filipjev, 1922
Species Quadricoma suecica (Allgén, 1930)
Species Quadricoma tenuis (Steiner, 1916)
Species Quadricoma trigintatres Timm, 1970
Species Quadricoma vittata (Lorenzen, 1969)

Species Quadricoma angulocephala Freudenhammer, 1975 accepted as Quadricomoides angulocephala (Freudenhammer, 1975) Decraemer, 1976
Species Quadricoma arctica Kreis, 1963 accepted as Tricoma (Quadricoma) scanica (Allgén, 1935)
Species Quadricoma avicapitata Timm, 1978 accepted as Tricoma (Quadricoma) avicapitata (Timm, 1978)
Species Quadricoma bahamaensis Timm, 1970 accepted as Tricoma (Quadricoma) bahamaensis (Timm, 1970)
Species Quadricoma bahamensis Timm, 1970 accepted as Quadricoma bahamaensis Timm, 1970 (misspelling)
Species Quadricoma brevichaeta Freudenhammer, 1975 accepted as Tricoma (Quadricoma) brevichaeta (Freudenhammer, 1975)
Species Quadricoma desmoscolecoides Timm, 1970 accepted as Desmoscolex (Desmolorenzenia) desmoscolecoides (Timm, 1970)
Species Quadricoma filipjevi (Chitwood, 1951) accepted as Quadricoma filipjevioides Gerlach & Rieman, 1974 (junior homonym Tricoma filipjevi Stammer, 1935)
Species Quadricoma filipjevioides Gerlach & Rieman, 1974 accepted as Tricoma (Quadricoma) filipjevioides Gerlach & Rieman, 1974 (lowered to subgenus)
Species Quadricoma frontalis (Gerlach, 1952) Freudenhammer, 1975 accepted as Desmolorenzenia frontalis (Gerlach, 1952)
Species Quadricoma granulata Kreis, 1934 accepted as Quadricoma loricata Filipjev, 1922
Species Quadricoma greeffii (Reinhard, 1881) accepted as Quadricoma greffii (Reinhard, 1881)
Species Quadricoma hupferi (Steiner, 1916) accepted as Desmoscolex (Desmolorenzenia) hupferi Steiner, 1916
Species Quadricoma iberica Freudenhammer, 1975 accepted as Quadricoma brevichaeta Freudenhammer, 1975
Species Quadricoma longicauda Timm, 1970 accepted as Desmoscolex (Desmolorenzenia) longicauda Timm, 1970
Species Quadricoma loricatoides Freudenhammer, 1975 accepted as Tricoma (Quadricoma) loricata (Filipjev, 1922)
Species Quadricoma magna Timm, 1970 accepted as Quadricomoides magna (Timm, 1970) Decraemer, 1976
Species Quadricoma parva Timm, 1970 accepted as Desmoscolex (Desmolorenzenia) parvus (Timm, 1970)
Species Quadricoma reinhardi Filipjev, 1922 accepted as Tricoma (Quadricoma) tenuis Steiner, 1916

Species Quadricoma seda (uncertain, not found)
Not documented
Bezerra, T.N.; Eisendle, U.; Hodda, M.; Holovachov, O.; Leduc, D.; Mokievsky, V.; Peña Santiago, R.; Sharma, J.; Smol, N.; Tchesunov, A.; Venekey, V.; Zhao, Z.; Vanreusel, A. (2021). Nemys: World Database of Nematodes. Quadricoma Filipjev, 1922. Accessed at: on 2021-05-13
2004-12-21 15:54:05Z
2006-09-28 06:51:36Z
Martinez, Olga
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