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NeMys specimen details

Code/Type no.ANIC 3109-19347
MuseumANIC - Australian National Insect Collection, Nematode Collection
IdentificationHolotypeOxyonchus evelynae Nicholas, 2004 [details]
LocalityAustralia (sandy beaches on coast of South Eastern Australia, Kioloa beach, 50 km north of Batemans Bay)
Start latitude-35.55 (35° 33' 0" S)
End latitude-35.95 (35° 57' 0" S)
Start longitude150.3833 (150° 23' 0" E)
End longitude150.15 (150° 9' 0" E)
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2016-02-12 11:34:44Z  created  Mokievsky, Vadim
2016-02-13 12:04:01Z  changed  Mokievsky, Vadim

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