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Timm, R. W. (1978). Marine nematodes of the order Desmoscolecida from McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. Biology of the Antarctic Seas VI-Antarctic Res. Ser. 26: 225-236.
Timm, R. W.
Marine nematodes of the order Desmoscolecida from McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Biology of the Antarctic Seas VI-Antarctic Res. Ser.
26: 225-236
Locality: Mc Murdo Sound, Antarctica; Cabinet:
Locality: Hut Point, Scott Base, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica; Cabinet:; NeMys doc_id: 3789
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Antarcticonema Timm, 1978 (original description)
Antarcticonema comicapitatum Timm, 1978 (original description)
Desmoscolex amaurus Lorenzen, 1972 (redescription)
Desmoscolex antarcticos Timm, 1970 (additional source)
Desmoscolex articulatus Timm, 1978 (original description)
Desmoscolex frigidus Timm, 1978 (original description)
Desmoscolex gerlachi Timm, 1970 (taxonomy source)
Desmoscolex labiosus Lorenzen, 1969 (additional source)
Desmoscolex max Timm, 1970 (additional source)
Greeffiella antarctica Timm, 1978 (original description)
Greeffiella macrotricha (Steiner, 1916) (additional source)
Quadricoma curvicauda Timm, 1978 (original description)
Quadricoma pontica Filipjev, 1922 (redescription)
Tricoma (Quadricoma) avicapitata (Timm, 1978) (original description)
Tricoma maxima (Schepotieff, 1907) (redescription)
Tricoma nematoides (Greeff, 1869) (additional source)
Tricoma septentrionalis Timm, 1978 (original description)
Usarpnema Timm, 1978 (original description)
Usarpnema auriculatum Timm, 1978 (original description)
Antarctic Ocean for Antarcticonema comicapitatum Timm, 1978 
Antarctic Ocean for Desmoscolex amaurus Lorenzen, 1972 
Antarctic Ocean for Desmoscolex frigidus Timm, 1978 
Antarctic Ocean for Greeffiella antarctica Timm, 1978 
Antarctic Ocean for Quadricoma curvicauda Timm, 1978 
Antarctic Ocean for Quadricoma pontica Filipjev, 1922 
Antarctic Ocean for Tricoma (Quadricoma) avicapitata (Timm, 1978) 
Antarctic Ocean for Tricoma maxima (Schepotieff, 1907) 
Antarctic Ocean for Tricoma septentrionalis Timm, 1978 
Antarctic Ocean for Usarpnema auriculatum Timm, 1978 
Burdwood Bank for Antarcticonema comicapitatum Timm, 1978 
Indo-Pacific for Quadricoma pontica Filipjev, 1922 
May Bay for Antarcticonema comicapitatum Timm, 1978 
May Bay for Greeffiella antarctica Timm, 1978 
Mediterranean Sea for Tricoma maxima (Schepotieff, 1907) 
Nakaminato for Desmoscolex amaurus Lorenzen, 1972 
North Sea for Desmoscolex amaurus Lorenzen, 1972 
Red Sea for Antarcticonema comicapitatum Timm, 1978 
South Georgian and the South Sandwich Islands for Antarcticonema comicapitatum Timm, 1978 
South Georgian and the South Sandwich Islands for Desmoscolex amaurus Lorenzen, 1972 
South Georgian and the South Sandwich Islands for Greeffiella antarctica Timm, 1978 
Wajima for Desmoscolex frigidus Timm, 1978 
Wajima for Greeffiella antarctica Timm, 1978 

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