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Leduc, D.; Verschelde, D. (2015). New Spirinia and Stygodesmodora species (Nematoda, Spiriniinae) from the Southwest Pacific, and revision of the related genera Spirinia, Chromaspirina and Perspiria. European Journal of Taxonomy. (118): 1-25.
10.5852/ejt.2015.118 [view] [view]
Leduc, D.; Verschelde, D.
New <em>Spirinia</em> and <em>Stygodesmodora</em> species (Nematoda, Spiriniinae) from the Southwest Pacific, and revision of the related genera <em>Spirinia</em>, <em>Chromaspirina</em> and <em>Perspiria</em>
European Journal of Taxonomy
(118): 1-25
Two new species of the family Desmodoridae are described from the upper continental slope of New Zealand, Southwest Pacific, and the genera Spirinia, Chromaspirina and Perspiria are revised. Spirinia verecunda sp. nov. is characterised by a short, stout body, cuticle covered in minute, hair-like structures, unispiral amphideal aperture and cryptospiral amphideal fovea, buccal cavity with small dorsal tooth and minute subventral teeth, eight oblong glands surrounding anterior portion of pharynx, large sperm cells, spicules with weak capitulum, and the absence of precloacal supplements. Stygodesmodora confusa sp. nov. is characterised by a relatively short body, spiral amphids with 1.2–1.4 turns, cephalic setae situated at or slightly posterior to mid-level of amphid, and males with four precloacal supplements consisting of short setae on wide bases. Like other species of the genus, S. confusa sp. nov. is characterised by an annulated head region, but in some specimens the cuticle annulations are restricted to the dorsal and ventral sides of the head. S. confusa sp. nov. shows similarities with species of other desmodorid genera (i.e., Echinodesmodora, Bolbonema), but can be differentiated from them by the presence of an annulated head region and amphideal plates. The genera Spirinia, Chromaspirina and Perspiria have very similar morphologies and differ mainly in the size and structure of the buccal cavity (Spirinia vs Chromaspirina) or the shape of the tail and placement of the amphids relative to the cuticle annulations (Spirinia vs Perspiria); their diagnoses are clarified and some nomenclatural changes are proposed to eliminate overlap in the definitions of these genera.
Pacific, South West
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Chromaspirina Filipjev, 1918 (additional source)
Chromaspirina amabilis (de Man, 1922) (status source)
Chromaspirina cobbi (Chitwood, 1938) (status source)
Chromaspirina guanabarensis Maria, Esteves, Smol, Vanreusel & Decraemer, 2009 accepted as Spirinia guanabarensis (Maria, Esteves, Smol, Vanreusel & Decraemer, 2009) Leduc & Verschelde, 2015 (new combination reference)
Chromaspirina inaurita Wieser & Hopper, 1967 accepted as Spirinia inaurita (Wieser & Hopper, 1967) (new combination reference)
Chromaspirina okemwai Muthumbi, Verschelde & Vincx, 1995 accepted as Spirinia okemwai (Muthumbi, Verschelde & Vincx, 1995) (new combination reference)
Chromaspirina parma Ott, 1972 accepted as Spirinia parma (Ott, 1972) (new combination reference)
Chromaspirina robusta Wieser, 1954 (status source)
Desmodoridae Filipjev, 1922 (taxonomy source)
Perspiria Wieser & Hopper, 1967 (taxonomy source)
Perspiria lara (Da Silva et al., 2009) (new combination reference)
Perspiria striaticaudata (Timm, 1962) (status source)
Pseudometachromadora Timm, 1954 (status source)
Spirinia Gerlach, 1963 (taxonomy source)
Spirinia guanabarensis (Maria, Esteves, Smol, Vanreusel & Decraemer, 2009) Leduc & Verschelde, 2015 (new combination reference)
Spirinia sabulicola Filipjev, 1918 (status source)
Spirinia tenuicauda (Allgén, 1959) Gerlach, 1963 (status source)
Spirinia verecunda Leduc & Verschelde, 2015 (original description)
Spiriniinae Chitwood, 1936 (taxonomy source)
Stygodesmodora Blome, 1982 (taxonomy source)
Stygodesmodora confusa Leduc & Verschelde, 2015 (original description)
Stygodesmodora rotundicephala (Cobb, 1920) (status source)

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