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NoteAndrassy (1954) transferred Desmolaimus balatonicus Daday, 1894 from Lake Balaton, Hungary, to Campydora. However, the original description and drawing by Daday (1894) does not reveal any correspondence with the genus diagnosis. D. balatonicus has a distinct annulated cuticle and a short funnel-shaped buccal cavity without any buccal tooth. We therefore follow Jairajpuri (1983) and reject this freshwater species as belonging to Campydora.
Smol, N. Coomans, A. Chapter: 12 (Page no: 225) Order Enoplida. In: Abebe, Eyualem, István Andrássy, and Walter Traunspurger, eds. Freshwater nematodes: ecology and taxonomy. CABI, 2006.
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