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Key to the free-living marine Nematoda

Key created by Maaike Steyaert

Please refer to this identification key as Steyaert et al. 2005. Electronic Key to the free-living marine Nematodes. World Wide Web electronic publication. 09/2005

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Remaining taxa:
Next  Keytaxlist Anticomidae, Ironidae, Anoplostomatidae, Tripyloidina and some other genera (fig 18)

Next  Keytaxlist Axonolaimidae, Diplopeltidae, Haliplectidae, Bodonematidae and some other genera (fig 23)

Next  Keytaxlist Chromadoridae (part 1) (fig 35) Filipjev, 1917

Next  Keytaxlist Chromadoridae (part 2) (fig 36) Filipjev, 1917

Next  Keytaxlist Cyatholaimidae (fig 31) Filipjev, 1918

Next  Keytaxlist Cyatholaimidae (fig 32) Filipjev, 1918

Next  Keytaxlist Desmoscolecidae (fig 12) Shipley, 1896

Next  Keytaxlist Diplopeltidae, Tubolaimoididae, Aegialoalaimidae and Siphonolaimidae (fig 24)

Next  Keytaxlist Enchelidiidae (fig 21) Filipjev, 1918

Next  Keytaxlist Enoplidae, Thoracostomopsidae, Anoplostomatidae and Tripyloididae (fig 19)

Next  Keytaxlist Epsilonematidae and Draconematidae (fig 13)

Next  Keytaxlist Ethmolaimidae (fig 33) Filipjev & Schuurmans Stekhoven, 1941

Next  Keytaxlist Leptolaimidae, Lauratonematidae and Peresianidae (fig 22)

Next  Keytaxlist Leptosomatidae and Phanodermatidae (fig 17)

Next  Keytaxlist Linhomoeidae and Xyalidae (part 4) (fig 25)

Next  Keytaxlist Meyliidae, Microlaimidae, Desmodoridae and Aponchidae (fig 29)

Next  Keytaxlist Monhysteridae, Xyalidae (part 1) and Sphaerolaimidae (part 1) (fig 26)

Nematoda - fig 30

Next  Keytaxlist Oncholaimidae (fig 20) Filipjev, 1916

Next  Keytaxlist Selachinematidae (fig 34) Cobb, 1915

Next  Keytaxlist Tripyloididae, Trefusiidae and Oxystomina (fig 16)

Next  Keytaxlist Xyalidae (part 2) and Spaerolaimidae (part 2) (fig 27 ) Filipjev, 1918

Next  Keytaxlist Xyalidae (part 3), Monoposthiidae and Ceramonematidae (fig 28)


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